Irv Cohen is a true visionary, leading the development of the venture capital and entrepreneurial community in Florida through a defined mix of strategy and execution, assembling strategic partnerships and mentoring leaders. Irv’s philanthropic ideals led him to develop his long term dream of building a collaborative community in which entrepreneurs in Florida have the opportunity to raise the capital they require locally and thrive with the support of service providers, while providing fruitful investments to stakeholders.

His extensive tenure includes executive positions in the private sector at JPMorgan Treasury Technologies, Barclay’s Bank North America, and Lehman Brothers Fixed Income Business as well as a number of influential positions in the public sector. After working in the fast pace, Wall Street environment as an executive for banks and large private conglomerates for over thirty years, Irv made the transition to Florida while relocating 2,100 jobs from New York to Tampa for JP Morgan Chase.

Today, Irv is an active early-stage investor who looks for cutting edge innovation and passionate entrepreneurs that share his enthusiasm for business growth. He is highly engaged in the nonprofit sector and seeks social enterprises that tie with his overall vision.