Todd is the Chief Executive Officer of Mezrah Consulting, a corporate finance consulting firm based in Tampa, Florida that specializes in the design, funding and financing, implementation and administration of executive benefit and compensation plans. He is responsible for the firm’s strategic vision, growth and technology initiatives.   In addition, Todd is the co-founder of Drawloop Technologies which is a technology company that developed the premier SaaS-based solution for automating document deliverables. Mezrah Consulting utilizes this technology in its proprietary administration platform called MAPbenefits. Todd is also co-founder of Az Capital Partners, on the Board of  iControl, a SaaS-based solution in the CPG space, and on the Advisory Board of IP Capital Partners, a private equity real estate firm.

Todd is a graduate of the University of Alabama where he obtained a B.A. in Corporate Finance and Investment Management. Mr. Mezrah also received a Masters Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in employee benefits from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.