Investment Criteria

  • Presence in Florida:
    What makes us unique is the impact we intend to have on the Florida startup and early-stage ecosystem. We look for companies that have a significant presence in Florida or are willing to create a significant presence in the state.

  • Large, Lucrative Market:
    We pursue deals in companies with substantial upside.  Ideal startups and early-stage companies serve large, multi-billion dollar total addressable markets.

  • Address a Gap in the Marketplace:
    We seek companies that provide a solution to a major pain point in a large, addressable market.

  • Differentiation from the Competition:
    We want to back founders who acknowledge the competition, are able to describe their competitors, and understand how to sell into a stale but established marketplace. Additionally, companies need to stand apart from the competition and provide a unique value proposition to customers.

  • Tech Industry or Technology Enabled:
    We look for companies that are either selling their technology to solve a problem or are substantially leveraging technology to provide their business with rapid scalability, significant efficiencies, and great profitability.

  • Top Notch & Passionate Team: 
    We seek out strong founders and formidable teams that have a big vision, the substance to get there, and the tenacity to break through brick walls. Entrepreneurs with a track record of success are especially desirable.

  • Significant Traction: 
    Companies must have an MVP (minimum viable product) with enough significant traction in the marketplace to show product-market fit. We prefer companies that are post-revenue but will consider pre-revenue companies with compelling traction partnerships.

  • Early Stage: 
    We typically invest in Seed to Series A rounds. We prefer to invest prior to institutional capital because we know we add the most value at this stage.

  • Plan for a High Return on Investment:
    We are looking for companies with the potential to return 10x or more on our original investment within 5 years.

  • Coachable Team:
    The founders and their team must be open to feedback and respond well to advice. In addition to providing capital, we provide significant non-monetary assistance to our portfolio companies.

  • Connect Personally with Our Team: 
    The chemistry of mentoring relationships is not easy to describe, but it plays a role in our selection.  We want to connect with the companies in which we invest given the mission of collaboration.

Hear from a Funding Recipient

Peerfit CEO Ed Buckley discusses how his business grew after receiving capital and mentoring from Florida Funders and other investment groups.

Apply Now

If you meet the criteria listed above, you may fill out and submit an application for funding. This process will take less than 15 minutes. You will need an Executive Summary and/or a Pitch Deck in PDF format (less than 25MB); you are able to submit a total of three documents for us to review.

You will receive an email confirmation that we received your application. We receive 50-70 deals each month, and we do our best to review applications in a timely manner.

We appreciate your patience.