Old School Expertise.

New School Execution.

Florida Funders is a hybrid of a venture capital fund and crowdfunding platform. A team of serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and experienced angel investors with proven track records of successful exits, vets and invests in opportunities. We invite accredited investors to contribute capital in exchange for equity. To accomplish this efficiently, Florida Funders creates a special purpose investment vehicle which consolidates investors’ capital.

What Florida Funders Investors Say

How do I make an investment?

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Why invest with Florida Funders

By joining Florida Funders, you’ll have access to investment opportunities that were previously unavailable to the masses. You’ll also be investing in an asset class that has the potential to provide substantial ROI while empowering Florida tech companies. Your money will be alongside contributions from serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and experienced angel investors – so you know you’re investing with smart money.

Why is accreditation a requirement?

Early stage, privately-held companies are high-risk investments. The SEC requires individuals to meet certain financial criteria before being allowed to view or participate in these investments. You can self-certify that you meet the requirements by completing the quick registration process.