Florida Funders Invests In Artie, A Next-Gen Gaming Start-Up


We’re excited to announce our first investment from Fund 2 in Artie, a Los Angeles based next-gen gaming start-up.

Artie’s innovation seamlessly allows consumers to play mobile games that they discover inside social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter without leaving the app. They can share video content from their game sessions with their friends, including the corresponding Instant Play link, with no additional app download, API access, or integration. So top-flight mobile games can now circumvent app stores (as well as their 30% fees) and be delivered directly to consumers where they naturally discover content. This interconnectivity creates viral loops, which drive organic user acquisition and engages consumers in a whole new way.

“Gaming is an industry that continues to explode, and Artie is leading the way in shaking up the status quo to allow developers and consumers to meet one another in an intuitive way that hasn’t been done before,” said Tom Wallace, managing partner at Florida Funders. “Artie’s technology, which will let game developers bypass app stores and their excessive fees, will disrupt the gaming industry.”

Florida Funders is constantly and actively looking to grow and add investors to their network. We have fully deployed their fund 1 and are hard at work seeking new investment opportunities.

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