What We Do

Florida Funders provides a platform for accredited investors to view and invest in private Florida companies that are poised for rapid growth. We do this by blending the best of angel investing, venture capital, and equity crowdfunding, with the goal of achieving solid investor returns.


Our Why

When early stage companies get the capital they need for growth and then flourish, our communities are impacted. High paying jobs are created, office space is leased, economies are enhanced, all leading to a thriving place to live and work. We want Florida to be the premier lifestyle destination for our kids, your kids, our grandkids, and beyond.


You can invest alongside some of Florida’s top investors and entrepreneurs.

How To Become an Investor Member

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    The first step to becoming an investor is to become a Member. Membership is free and takes about 15 seconds.

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  • Review

    After you’ve registered, you can view available investment opportunities. Business plans, financials and pitch decks are available, so you can review the individual Florida companies seeking funding.

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  • Invest

    When you find a company you’d like to invest in, you can invest as little as $3,000 and you can do it all online via ACH or by wire transfer.

    Investment Opportunities

Our Mission is to identify and invest in early-stage companies that generate strong investor returns while also having a positive impact on the Florida technology community.

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