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Florida Funders educates and ignites its community of investors and network of partners to drive investment in the most exciting startups Florida has to offer. Our one-of-a-kind investor network provides transparency, fosters communication, and empowers strategic relationships between the investor network and the founders.


How to make an investment?


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Self Accreditation

Access to Invest

Once you’ve registered as an accredited investor, you will have access to our investor network where you can browse investment opportunities and invest alongside our venture capital fund.

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Three Ways to Invest with Florida Funders




The Florida Funders' Fund is the best way to diversify an investment portfolio with a single investment. The Florida Funders' investment team makes the decisions on which companies the fund invests in.


Portfolio Select,
VIP Investment Program

With the Portfolio Select program, investors receive reserved allocations on future investments with a window to review deals and make investment decisions before they go live to our broader investor network.




The Investor Network gives investors the opportunity to pick and choose the opportunities they are interested in without any upfront commitment at a minimum of $5,000 per investment.


How does Florida Funders Investment process work?
After our investment committee has chosen an early-stage tech company to invest in, the Florida Funders Fund will commit to a portion of the offering (typically 30-50%). Then, we put the deal on the portal so angel investors can review detailed information on the company, as well as relevant transaction details. When you choose to invest, you will be investing in a special purpose vehicle (SPV), created specifically to aggregate investor dollars for that offering and make an investment in the early-stage tech company.
What are the options for investing with Florida Funders?
Please see above, there are three options to invest with FL Funders. 1. The Fund 2. The VIP, Portfolio Select Program 3. The Angel Investor Network
What is an accredited investor and why is this required to invest?
Early-stage, privately-held companies are high-risk investments. The SEC requires individuals to meet certain financial criteria before being allowed to view or participate in these investments. FL Funders offers 506B offerings meaning you must complete a self accreditation upon registration. An accredited investor is defined as an individual who has an income of $200k or more and or a net worth of over $1M excluding your primary residence.
What are the risks associated with venture investments?

Please see our risk analysis

Does Florida Funders provide tax documents?
Yes, we provide all tax documents needed on an annual basis.