Flex secures $20M equity and $100M debt fundraise

Flex secures $20M equity and $100M debt fundraise to build a one-stop-shop financial hub for SMBs

The vast majority of businesses in the United States are small and medium-sized. These companies create two-thirds of all new jobs. And Miami significantly over indexes on small businesses.

There’s a problem though, local entrepreneur and investor Zaid Rahman told Refresh Miami. “There are just too many tools in B2B finance. The reality is that most SMBs don’t have CFOs, so what ends up happening is that business owners just keep all this stuff in their head or in Excel.” Equally, Rahman noted, SMBs often lack the working capital necessary to keep their business ticking over.

Solving these two problems is why Rahman founded Flex (formerly known as Flexbase) alongside co-founder Hadi Solh in 2020. Today, the company announced a fundraise that will significantly fuel this goal: $100 million in debt financing and $20 million in equity.

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