Lucy Guo's of Passes

Lucy Guo’s Passes pounces on $9M to further develop paywall platform for creators

It’s hard to nail down exactly what the creator economy is. But if we take Goldman Sachs’ definition – individual people who monetize their own brands and online audiences – the total addressable market of the creator economy is already at $250 billion. The investment bank’s analysts expect this figure to balloon to $480 billion by 2027.

Might a Miami company be at the forefront of this growth? There’s one rising star that is already on that path.

Meet Passes. If you’re active on #MiamiTech Twitter, you’ve heard of this company founded by Lucy Guo, the co-founder of Scale AI and a self-made success story. She moved to Miami during the pandemic and has been a vocal supporter of our local tech scene. Read more>

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