Rewst Unpacks 50 New ‘Crates’

Rewst Unpacks 50 New ‘Crates’

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform Rewst published 50 new pre-built automations, or Crates, more than doubling the size of its Crate Marketplace, the company announced at Kaseya's DattoCon. Crates bundle all the components required to run specific automation, and MSPs can configure and implement them quickly to unlock value, the company said in a statement.

Rewst's Robotic Operations Center (ROC) builds and maintains the Crates, which are ready-to-use automations that address common use cases, such as user onboarding/offboarding, just-in-time admin access, ticket categorization, and more, Rewst said. Crates use Rewst's integrations with 40+ MSP tools and include all the necessary components (e.g., forms, triggers, templates, scripts) to run specific workflows. They can be installed by following human-readable prompts, allowing customers to get up to speed quickly while they complete onboarding and training, Rewst said in the statement.

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