What to Expect From The Florida Funder VC Investor Guide

What to Expect From The Florida Funders VC Investor Guide

Florida Funders’ mission is to find, fund, and build the next generation of tech companies, but we can’t do that without you, our investor network. While we get and vet the deal flow on our investors’ behalf, we want our investors to feel informed, empowered, and connected to the work we all accomplish together. That’s why we created our Venture Capital Investor Resource Guide. Preview what you’ll find within it and click the links below to head straight to a particular section.

Intro to Venture Capital

Top-performing VC funds can return 2.5-4x your invested capital, but what does it take to get there? Start with the basics and learn what VC is, what makes it different from other investments, and which stage VC funds Florida Funders focuses on.

Glossary of Key Terms

Knowledge is power. Knowing your way around VC terms is half the battle; knowing how to analyze and respond is the other half of smart investments. Brush up on your venture capital vocabulary with these key terms.

Due Diligence

Without due diligence, there’s a risk of investors failing to identify a company’s Achilles heel and making uninformed investment decisions with the potential result of significant financial loss. Take a peek at how Florida Funders performs due diligence and why it’s a crucial step in VC investing.

VC Voices

Keep your finger on the pulse of VC with podcasts, blogs, and social accounts we recommend following. See patterns, find opportunities, and learn from experts with the largest voices in VC.

In-House Resources

Keeping our investors and network informed is part of what makes the Florida Funders investor network strong. With our in-house resources, you can get to know the founders you have the opportunity to invest in and learn about other leading Florida Funders investors to make things a bit more personal.

Helpful Articles

You’re a busy investor who wants to stay on top of the latest news. We’re one step ahead, researching and compiling the most valuable insights on the web in one easy place for your browsing. From investing 101 resources to the state of the industry and what's coming next, fill in your VC gaps with our helpful articles.

Get Involved, Get Invested

Ready to learn more about investing with Florida Funders as part of our Fund, Portfolio Select program, or investor network? Let’s chat. Get in touch with our investor team at [email protected].

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