Ashley Jarocki + Stephanie Markese: The Future of Hiring


What started as a friendship between two women cheerleading for the Buccaneers ended up in Next Path: a growing company providing hiring solutions for companies that see people as their competitive advantage.

In today’s episode, Ashley Jarocki and Stephanie Markese share with us how they went from cheering on the same line together to making a leap of faith and starting their own company in the staffing world.

Stephanie Markese always wanted to be a dentist until she realized that she wanted something more than work for a salary for the rest or her life, where she could evolve and make her earnings grow. After a taste of staffing and sales, there was no coming back into dentistry.

Ashley Jarocki was looking for a change after five years in the corporate world. One day, she received a call from Stephanie proposing a leap of faith: bring your knowledge of the corporate world and let’s start a company together.

Listen to the full episode, learn about the best way of dealing with the hiring process, how our guests think the staffing world will look like in the coming years, and how AI will deal with culture fit when filtering candidates for hire.

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Questions I ask:

  • Did you guys go into staffing together? (4:11)
  • Your industry changed a lot in the last year. How did COVID affect your business? (7:30 )
  • Any advice for entrepreneurs buildings their team? Should they do it themselves or hire a staffing firm? (10:13)
  • Is it possible to evaluate a candidate in a one-hour interview? (14:28)
  • How do you see things like 5G, AI, augmented reality, and other new technologies affecting your industry? (17:51)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Next Path was born (4:18)
  • Recruiting and staffing evolving with technology (7:30)
  • The reason why companies should look for culture fit when hiring (11:06)
  • AI or a person, who is better for culture fit? (20:56)
  • Are resumes still relevant in the LinkedIn era? (22:29)

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