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David Goldberg: The Evolving Tech Landscape

In this episode, Tom and Saxon touch on various subjects, such as the bankruptcy of WeWork, the impact of EVs on traditional automakers, and the changing landscape of commercial real estate due to remote work trends. They also introduce their guest, David Goldberg, a partner at Alpaca Ventures, who talks about his background, the branding of Alpaca Ventures, and their approach to venture capital.

David discusses Alpaca Ventures' two pillars of success, highlighting their experience as entrepreneurs and their thematic and research-driven approach. The episode touches on the recent fundraising success of Alpaca's Core Technology Fund and the launch of a traditional real estate fund.

The conversation shifts to the topic of Web3, with David acknowledging the challenges and the need for building out infrastructure and onboarding. He emphasizes the importance of investing in companies solving real problems rather than speculative trading.

This episode provides a glimpse into the world of venture capital, early-stage tech investments, and the evolving landscape of technology and entrepreneurship.

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