Joe Bayen: Journey From Success to Failure and Back

Joe Bayen: Journey From Success to Failure and Back

In this episode of the Skin in the Game VC Podcast, Tom Wallace and Saxon Baum discuss the future of AI and why they believe that the next big disruptive technology will come from a startup. They also talk about the challenges that small companies face when trying to compete with big tech companies in the AI space.

Joe Bayen who is the Founder and CEO of Grow Credit joins Tom and Saxon on this podcast. Joe was Born in Cameroon and shares his journey of moving to the United States as a three-year-old and being raised in Paris, France.

Joe shares his experience in the credit industry, starting with his realization of the impact of late payments on his credit score. This led him to found a company aimed at helping students manage their credit. Joe worked on the development of the Bootstrap app, which garnered millions of installs and revenue through a successful business model of offering free downloads of paid apps for a few days. However, the business model suffered when Apple changed the app store rules, resulting in a sudden loss of revenue. Hear more from Tom Wallace and Saxon Baum as Joe dives into what it looked like going from success to failure and then back to success.

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