Rennick Palley: Crypto Crash Course

To the traditional investor, the world of cryptocurrency can be intimidating. Luckily, my guest today is an expert in the field and helps us break it all down. If you’ve found yourself wondering about crypto, DeFi, and the blockchain economy, listen in—you may discover this brave new world of finance isn’t quite as complicated as you might think.

Join me today as I welcome Rennick Palley, founder and CIO at Stratos Technologies. Rennick is an MIT graduate who started his career on Wall Street before turning his interest toward financial technology. He is also a co-founder of Goldfinch Finance, a decentralized global bank that aims to change the face of investing in businesses.

We unravel the differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum, the relevancy of blockchain supply and demand, and how we may be looking at a not-so-distant future in which only a few of these new currencies remain relevant. Rennick also expands on the implications of blockchain in regards to global finance, and what that could mean for business finance over the world.

Find out how Rennick went from Wall Street to venture capital projects, and how the professional mentoring he gained at a global equity fund helped him get there. Learn why Rennick believes that productivity is driven by technological advances, his view on the pitfalls of consumer banking in the US, and what led him to the world of blockchain and crypto.

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Some Questions Asked: 

  • How did you end up at MIT? (4:08)
  • What took you from Wall Street to the world of crypto? (5:56)
  • How would you compare Bitcoin to Ethereum? (10:09)
  • Do you think that we’ll eventually only have a few different cryptocurrencies? (14:06)
  • What is China’s place in all of this? (25:14)
  • What can you tell us about Goldfinch Finance? (29:09)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • A bit about Rennick’s professional background (2:14)
  • How Rennick’s beliefs about investment strategy changed over time (4:44)
  • About Rennick’s professional mentor (6:01)
  • The difference between crypto, DeFi, and blockchain (16:20)
  • The implications of a liquid form of currency on the global economy (25:13)
  • The key differences between angel investing and the Goldfinch blockchain system (33:33)

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