Scott Gorlick is a native of southern Florida, where he also became one of the first 100 employees to work at Uber. After working at Uber for 6 years, launching their platforms, and scaling their operations globally, he moved to the east coast to spend time investing and advising great startups. 

In this episode, Scott shares some of the insights and lessons he learned as part of the team at Uber, and what his transition to angel investing was like. He explains a few of his top lessons learned from his investment experiences so far, including why he enjoys working with founders in groundbreaking situations. 

So get ready to learn about what the future of investing in technology looks like. 

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Some Questions I Ask: 

  • What lessons did you learn at Uber? (3:38)
  • How did you get started in angel investing? (8:52)
  • How do you get involved with the companies you invest in? (10:36)
  • What area of technology are you focusing on? (18:43)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • What the evolution of Uber looked like. (3:06)
  • Why Uber’s IPO is changing drastically & what to expect in the future. (7:19)
  • What Scott’s learned from angel investing. (9:02)
  • How valuations differ outside of Florida. (12:35)
  • Why Scott enjoys working directly with founders. (16:43)