At Florida Funders, we are helping early-stage companies get access to capital from investors through an online process and crowdfunding. We’re all about learning best practices and getting better at angel investing, and the purpose of this podcast is to interview some of the best and brightest and most successful investors and entrepreneurs to learn from them and get better in the process.

After interviewing a handful of people on the show and finding out what makes them tick, what motivates them, how they’ve built successful companies, and how they help others do the same, we thought it’s time to give you some background on Florida Funders – what sparked the idea and why it’s a great network for founders and funders.

Our host and Managing Partner, Tom Wallace, shares his journey in the angel investing world, as well as what drove him and his partners to start Florida Funders. Tom has learned the hard way how challenging angel and early-stage investing can be, and he has dedicated his life to making this process easier.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • What brought Tom to Florida almost 30 years ago. (00:45)
  • The current Florida tech ecosystem. (02:28)
  • The venture that inspired Tom to dedicate full-time to angel investing. (04:01)
  • What Florida Funders offers to investors. (08:15)
  • The benefits of Florida Funders’ angel network. (09:58)

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