Curious as to how military training prepares you for the world of entrepreneurship?

If you’ve ever found yourself at a crossroads in your career and felt that you just aren’t being offered anything to your liking, have you ever thought of striking out on your own? Entrepreneurship is a complicated and humbling experience, but it also allows you to be your own boss and create the business you’ve always wanted to work for.

What happens when a former Army officer and member of the White House Homeland Security board retires from the military and decides to make his own luck? You get Brian Butler, founder and CEO of Vistra Communications. From college ROTC to working at the Pentagon to founding his own startup, Brain has experienced firsthand a remarkable professional career.

Vistra Communications handles PR, marketing, and consulting for a number of government and corporate contracts, including AT&T and Coca-Cola. Founded in 2007, they now employ over 100 people and have offices in both Florida and Northern Virginia.

As a 22 year veteran of the US Army, Brian has learned invaluable lessons through his service. Listen and learn what Brian attributes his success to and what we can do to help diversify the growing field of Florida entrepreneurs.

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Some Questions Asked: 

  • How did you transition from the army to entrepreneurship? (4:33)
  • How did the military prepare you for the rollercoaster of business ownership? (7:22)
  • What did the army teach you about leadership? (8:50)
  • How can we fix the disparity in diversity amongst entrepreneurs? (14:58)
  • What impact does technology have on your business? (19:16)
  • Where does the military stand on adopting and developing technology? (21:22)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Brian got started as an entrepreneur. (2:27)
  • Why Brian believes that veterans make excellent employees. (6:05)
  • The type of attitude that makes a successful business leader. (11:15)
  • About the emerging start-up scene out of South Florida. (18:24)
  • Advice Brian has for founders. (25:13)

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