We’ve all had that lightbulb moment at least once in our lives, where we have a striking realization seemingly independent of everyone else around us. What we don’t all have the privilege of experiencing? Having that moment lead to an early adoption of and investment in what would quickly become the most important, groundbreaking technology on the planet.

Arnie Bellini began his career at Price Waterhouse just as personal computers began their evolution from space-age technology to household necessity. Realizing the potential of this type of tech, he quit his consulting job, founded a company to help small businesses optimize their servers, and never looked back.

Bellini is co-founder and former CEO of ConnectWise, a provider of IT services to companies in the Tampa market and the publisher of the industry’s most widely-used business operating system.  He currently serves as managing partner of Bellini Capital, an investment firm based in the Tampa area.

Listen to today’s episode of Investing in Florida Technology and learn Bellini’s start-up origin story at the dawn of the PC, why he believes it’s so important to balance your work life with family and hobbies, and how he equates the lessons he gained training to swim the English Channel to his business philosophy.


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Some Questions Asked: 

  • What was the dynamic like between you and your brother when you started your company as business partners? (03:32)
  • When you started, did you envision that you would be building a company that you would sell for over a billion dollars? (04:24)
  • When was the tipping point when you realized that you had become more of a software company? (11:08)
  • How is your family involved in Bellini Capital? (16:18)
  • What advice would you have for founders out there? (20:13)
  • What kind of investments and things are you looking for that excite you? (24:32)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • A bit about Bellini and his experience as a founder of ConnectWise. (02:09)
  • How Bellini became a programmer—out of necessity. (08:24)
  • About Bellini’s experience becoming one of the few people over 50 to swim the English Channel. (12:52)
  • How Bellini Capital is working to help preserve the Florida Wildlife Corridor. (16:56)
  • The importance of work/life balance in order to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur. (21:52)
  • What Bellini finds most exciting in the world of up-and-coming technology. (27:41)

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