Florida Funders Portfolio Company 2ULaundry is Launching in Tampa

A New Spin on Laundry in Florida

Featured Portfolio Company: 2ULaundry

When 2ULaundry received their Series A funding to expand their business at the end of 2019, they had no idea what challenges the following year would bring. This Florida Funders Fund 1 portfolio company was co-founded by Alex Smereczniak and Dan D’Aquisto in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2015. Through Fund 1 and the Angel Network, Florida Funders invested nearly $1.3M into their 2019 Series A round.

The Beginnings of 2ULaundry

Initially, the sole business model was as a tech-enabled platform for on-demand laundry and dry cleaning through convenient pick-up and delivery that allows customers to request, track and modify services. They would leverage downtime and resources at various laundromats to fulfill the orders.

In 2020 at the height of Covid, it became very clear that they would need to address their growing concern for getting the laundry done timely and efficiently. Laundromats were considered an essential business during Covid. People were even busier and demand increased for their services. The team at 2ULaundry knew that to scale effectively, they would need the right infrastructure in place. 

Adding LaundroLab Franchise Stores

As they explored different options for meeting the demand, they quickly discovered an industry with $5.3 billion in annual revenue potential and no dominant players. So, they decided the correct move would be to create a new, better kind of laundromat that would be funded through a franchise model. They called it LaundroLab.

LaundroLab is a franchise laundromat from the team at 2ULaudnry

Serving the Full Community

Not only would these franchise stores serve as the processing center for 2ULaundry customer orders, but would also bring a professionally-run, more community-focused one-stop-shop for customers to have the best way to clean their clothes.

“Community is a core value for LaundroLab,” explains 2ULaundry President Dan D’Aquisto. “The model includes fully-equipped read, play and learn centers for a more family friendly experience and every LaundroLab will host a completely full day of free laundry for anyone in the local community. Doing good while doing well is something we lean very heavily into.”

The franchises are owned and operated by highly professional business people who fully embrace the idea of elevating their communities while building a strong business along the way.

Growing Into the Future

The first franchise store opened in June of 2022 in Tampa, Florida with plans to open at least 7 more across the Tampa and St. Pete regions. In addition, the team projects 2023 openings of 20-30 LaundroLab stores across the US in other cities like Phoenix, Houston, Dallas and Miami.

“We are extremely excited about the traction and the excitement for the LaundroLab franchises across the country,” says D’Aquisto. “But, we are even more excited about what this means for the accessibility and use of the 2ULaundry platform and its large revenue potential.”

If you live in the Tampa region and would like to learn more about how you might soon use 2ULaundry services, be sure to check them out and sign up on the waitlist here. A little birdie told us that every waitlist user will get an exclusive launch offer of 50% off their first two months of one of their subscription plans.

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