Florida Funders Invests in Satisfi

Tampa, FL (September, 2021) Florida Funders, a hybrid venture capital fund and angel investor network recognized as the top VC in the Southeast region by Pitchbook, announced today its investment in Satisfi Labs, a conversational AI platform for sports teams, venues, attractions, and live events. Its Answer Engines power chatbots, voice experiences, and messaging apps to provide accessible and actionable answers to users throughout the entire customer journey.


Florida Funders has invested in Satisfi Labs’ 3MM Series A round from the Florida Funders’ Fund 2, LLC., supporting Satisfi Labs in its hiring efforts, operations and expansion of product offerings, specifically voice commerce. Previous investors include Google, Vinik Sports Group, Techstars and the MLB.

Satisfi Labs creates Answer Engines that manage teams of expert AI-powered Assistants. Powered by their industry-specific natural language processor (NLP) and knowledge management technology, AI-powered Assistants are experts in their respective fields, available 24/7, and can be deployed on web chat, messaging apps, and voice assistants. To date, Satisfi Labs’ platform has identified and trained 20M+ unique questions across 3 major industries.

“Conversational AI is being scaled at an accelerating rate across online experiences and the world must prepare to be AI-ready. Satisfi Labs is leading the way and harnessing knowledge management, and conversational AI to provide unparalleled breadth and depth of capabilities,” says Tom Wallace, Managing Partner at Florida Funders. “Florida Funders is excited to back Satisfi Labs and make conversational AI scalable for companies across sectors.”

Satisfi Labs creates deep knowledge bases in its AI-powered platform, allowing companies to provide the most relevant and accurate responses to customers, on-demand and in-real time. Satisi Labs’ platform simply and seamlessly converts data, matches responses, identifies intents, and trains Assistants that serve as your most knowledgeable and scalable employees. 

“There are massive crowds that attend sports venues, attractions, live events and these experiences are unable to make information actionable,” says co-founder and CEO Don White. “Satisfi Labs was founded on the principle that conversational search should be possible anywhere. Florida Funders is heavily involved in the tech community across the state and with Florida having some of the biggest entertainment attractions in the U.S., we couldn’t be more thrilled than to have them on our side.”

Satisfi Labs has built experts for major industries including entertainment, hospitality, sports, tourism and more. Satisfi Labs’ clients include Orlando’s Universal Studios, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Zoo, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden and more.

Florida Funders is constantly and actively looking to grow and add investors to their network. They have fully deployed their Fund 1 and are hard at work seeking new investment opportunities. For more information on Florida Funders, please visit floridafunders.com. Keep up with the latest news from Florida Funders on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



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