Introducing the Florida Funders’ Scout Program

We didn’t become the most active investors in Florida alone. We did it by growing a powerful network of entrepreneurs and investors, all scouting for great startups in need of funding and support to take their businesses to the next level. 

While our funding, due diligence, and investment processes have long been formalized, this process of scouting out new opportunities has usually come to us through a somewhat informal network of both seasoned and aspiring VCs. 

We’ve decided it’s time to formalize those efforts and launch the Florida Funders’ Scout Program. 

Apply to be a Florida Funders’ Scout here. 

Florida Funders’ Scouts help us find and analyze the best startups in Florida and beyond. In return, we support them as they work to advance their skills and track records as early-stage investors. While we have a presence in many areas in the state and around the country, we can’t be everywhere. Our Scouts are active in their communities and online, working with or leading Startups, and supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Scouts seek out deals, attend events, conferences, and actively work with incubators, accelerators, and universities to represent Florida Funders amidst the broader tech community. As a result of their efforts, we offer Scouts the opportunity to participate in investments in ways that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. 

So if you’re a startup interested in funding, you can apply here, or reach out to these Scouts to start a dialog with Florida Funders. Follow them online, look for them at your local coworking space, and make sure you let them know when the next unicorn is looking for early stage funding. 

Ja’dan Johnson 

Ja’dan is a content creator, marketer, and connector based in the fastest growing Startup ecosystem in the world right now: Miami. He currently leads marketing for Upstream, but he’s active as a writer for Refresh Miami, and he’s a regular at all of Miami’s best startup events. Find him there. 

Evan Leaphart

Evan is the founder of Kiddie Kredit, a mobile chore app for kids and parents to teach the fundamentals of financial literacy. He’s also the co-founder of Black Men Talk Tech, an Entrepreneurship collective which promotes collaboration between Black men and other members of the tech ecosystem. As an active founder and community advocate, based in Miami, Evan’s a builder you’ll want to connect with. 

Asher Weiss

Asher is our Scout on the West Coast. As a Mobile Product Guru for the Golden State Warriors, he’s plugged into the latest in Sports and Mobile tech coming from the left coast. If you’re in SF and you’re ready to move your HQ to Florida, or you’re just interested in the way we work here at Florida Funders, try and catch a game with him. 

Pablo Casilimas

In addition to running Rootex, a content marketing agency specializing in video production, Pablo also runs ONESIXONE Group, an organization that helps entrepreneurs and individuals grow and connect with the resources they need to succeed. Based out of Gainesville, he’s your connection for all Northern Florida deal flow. 

Apply for Funding here. 

Apply to be a Scout here. 

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