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Key Factors Include
  • Strong founders that are passionate & coachable

  • Tech or tech-enabled ventures

  • A highly scalable business model

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and/or a launched product with established customer base ($250K–$2M in Annual Revenue)

  • High revenue growth potential and operating in a large market

  • Unique solution with intellectual property and/or a disruptive Approach

Structured Vetting Process
  • Application Submission

  • Initial Review 

    • Pitch deck and initial application reviewed. If deemed a potential fit, a 30-minute introductory call with the deal team will be held to include your Company’s intro Pitch & Q&A.

  • Mini Committee 

    • Presentation to CIO, Partner, and the deal team. Conduct financial & competitive analysis, tech review, customer calls, and subject matter experts are engaged.

  • Due Diligence 

    • Documents requested & primary diligence conducted. In-person meeting with Partner at Company offices.

  • Investment Committee 

    • In-person presentation to Investment Committee.

  • Term Sheet 

    • Non-binding term sheet is drafted and agreed to by both parties. Any remaining due diligence is conducted.

Focus Area: Company Stage

We invest in early-stage companies raising rounds between Seed to Series A. At the seed-stage we are typically the first institutional investors after teams have raised from Angel investors.

Investment Structure and Size

Florida Funders manages two funds: the Fund 1 and the Seed FL fund. Both funds have their own target investment size.

  • Fund 1: Target investment size is between $500K-$1M.

  • Seed FL Fund: Target investment size is $100K from the fund, but there is also a potential match of $100K from the Florida Institute. Florida Funders is the administrator for the Florida Institute for Commercialization of Public Research, a $23M evergreen fund for the State that focuses on investing in early-stage ventures.

Post Investment Involvement

We view our portfolio companies as partners which is why we offer a variety of value-added resources to help them grow their business.

Fundraising Accessibility

  • Through our Investor Portal, we offer founders the opportunity to raise capital from 1,300+ accredited investors without the need to pitch hundreds of times... and with only 1 line item on your cap table.

Operating Partner Program

  • Our Director of Founder Success, Candice Rezvanian, leads efforts with our Operating Partners. She performs a collaborative business assessment with FF’s partners and operating partners by taking a deep dive into systems, HR, accounting, sales, marketing, and more.

Future Fundraising Support

  • We reserve capital for follow-on investments in select portfolio companies demonstrating successful growth & operational metrics.

Cross Portfolio Company Support

  • We consistently identify opportunities where new and existing portfolio companies, as well as organizations and preferred vendors in our network, can develop business synergies together, learn from past experiences, and assist in each others’ long-term successes.

How does the syndicate work?

When Florida Funders invests in a company we structure our investment as a Special Purpose Vehicle (or SPV). This structure allows our network of angel investors, funds, and co-investors to invest in the company with only one line item on the company's cap table. This simplifies the number of names and contacts for founders to communicate with while we perform the administration for all investors.

Who is on the investment team, or who should founders be in contact with?

The investment team includes Ryan Whittemore, CIO; Todd Andersen-Davis, VP of Seed Fund and Florida Institute; and Chelsea Oppenheim, Investment Associate.

If you have any specific questions, you can contact [email protected] and someone from the team will reach out to you.

Do you have any specific geographic focus?

Florida Funders has historically invested in Florida-based companies. In 2019, we began investing in companies outside of Florida that were willing to expand and build a presence in FL. For later-stage companies, it is not mandatory to have a presence in FL, but for early-stage, seed companies we prefer for them to have a Florida presence.

Do we lead deals?

Yes, we lead, co-lead, and do follow-on investments.

Do we sign NDAs?

During our early evaluation process, we see many deals, often in similar spaces. As a firm policy, we do not sign NDAs, as it is prohibitive to our business and structure. We are not interested in competing with you, nor do we share confidential information. If you are still interested in having Florida Funders take a look, we can keep the initial conversations at a high-level and not dive deep into details.