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Founder & CEO of VUGO® Robert Flessner announced via Twitter today that Tampa Bay Area Small Businesses are now eligible for VUGOs small business relief program. The program is offering up to a year of free rideshare advertising to qualified Tampa Bay area small businesses.
The integration of Threshold Virtual Tours with OmniExperience Kiosks brings a new dimension of visual experience to kiosk users and enables an exciting new array of new self-service options including destination exploration, neighborhood discovery, and sharing of virtual tour maps directly to mobile devices.
Florida Funders gathered the top VCs and community leaders in Florida’s early-stage tech ecosystem to discuss the current state of funding. We discussed how COVID has affected fundraising, M&A, trends, deal structures, and what makes a company investible with the leaders of these organizations: Florida Funders: Tom Wallace Miami Angels: Rebecca Danta 500 Startups: Miguel...
Despite the hardships, Brenda Stoner, Founder of PICKUP, has found ways to take advantage of this time, while easing her company into its new normal.


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